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A 7 day transformational meditation course (DPA). This progressive meditation takes place over 30 sessions, each further activating the Third Eye to increase psychic awareness. For sensitives and healers, this course develops your psychic skills, which can be used on a daily basis.


In this course, you will learn different levels of consciousness and how to reach the Theta range of consciousness. How to establish and manifest personal goals, how to project intelligence and retrieve information, how to identify the difference between animate and inanimate objects, and identify intelligent animate objects, how to use clairvoyance and telepathic abilities effectively, and communicate with other energies and universal laws with energy development and skills. Interaction with chakra development and 6th sense.



Reiki Level 1

7 days training




10 sessions

TEEN MEDITATION  [available online]

This Teen Meditation class consists of 10 meditations (a modified DPA course). The purpose is to help teenagers connect and express their emotions and feelings. The course teaches them to bring their emotions into balance, to re-connect with their sensitivity, to open their third eye and use this chakra for creative and intuitive skills and gifts. It also teaches teenagers to quiet down the “noise” and the outside mind, to teach them to look inwards on a deeper soul level. This course gives teenagers healing skills and tools to carry with them throughout life. We also focus on self love positive affirmations and developing a Positive Mindset and the importance and role this plays in manifesting abundance and a balanced life.



Reiki Level 1 [recommended]




10 meditations

PARENT CHILD MEDITATION  [available online]

This is a fun course that parents can do with their young children. To help parents connect deeply to their child’s sensitive and intuitive gifts and for children to continue to develop their imagination and continue their Kundalini flow. These meditations are simple yet powerful and affective and can help children remove negative imprints they may be carrying from their environment of family imprints. We also subtly touch on the power of the mind, positive growth mindset and to use this in aspects of school, sport, dance, music and drama.



Reiki Level 1 [recommended for the parents]

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