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Sera Shivnan was born in Northern England in the 80s to a large Irish-Catholic family, I was part of a wave of volunteer souls returning with a clear mission. Being a hypersensitive and intuitive soul in nature wasn’t always easy, however I can be thankful to being the youngest of five siblings emotionally close and loving; I was able to use this sensitive and intuitive nature to read how souls interact, connect and impact one another.

During my teen years I became aware of “suffering”. Empathic to those around me I became aware of the powerful struggle depression and anxiety can bring; this triggered me to understand people deeply. To seek knowledge of human nature and how we function; what makes us happy, balanced or depressed and where these behavioral patterns are rooted. I knew from a young age I needed to find tools that would assist me in helping others. Since childhood, I’ve been deeply fascinated by the human psyche and behavior and I searched for answers and knowledge.


It has been 17 years to date since I moved to Asia. I began in Thailand where I spent an amazing five years. Firstly teaching ESL to young children then some several small entrepreneurial businesses. I finally found my path in the Fitness and Holistic Industry as a Personal Trainer. I worked as a Fitness coach for more than seven years; I trained hundreds of clients one to one gaining experience with the physical body and how stress, relationships and injuries play such a role on our emotional and mental health. Spiritually speaking, Thailand opened up a world I innately knew existed and I found “home’.


I found my place among Buddhists, Psychics and Healers and slowly my soul was awakening to my one true Spiritual Path. Organically my path grew towards hands on healing as I moved away from physical training to the incredible sacred healing art of Reiki. After five soul searching years, I was pulled away from Thailand to another energetically powerful land, China. Here in Shanghai I have called home for twelve years. The lessons here and the soul connections and community we have created are unique. I have been fortunate to treat clients professionally and grow my own Energy Medicine platform and Reiki Academy. Here, in Shanghai is where ShivEnergetics™ has been birthed.


To date, I’ve treated thousands of clients in hands on treatments from every race, age, nationality, religion and culture. I asked my soul to give me a vast knowledge of human behavior and here in Shanghai with our diverse community it has been given and received with gratitude and pleasure. I have taught over 300+ students and to date have taught 80+ Reiki Master Practitioners spreading the light helping others and facilitating me on my mission and journey. I have sincere gratitude to every patient I have treated and every student I have taught and most of all, I have sincere gratitude and the upmost respect for my incredible teachers and mentors that have chosen and trusted me to pass on their knowledge, healing modalities, sacred spiritual gifts to others. I send you all my love.



The mission of ShivEnergetics Reiki Academy and Energy Training system is to provide a standard and benchmark in Reiki. We are already training and working with many western medical professionals and integrating with other holistic therapies. The results being, many patients suffering with different types of cancers, diseases and illnesses are finding their illnesses detoxified, organs replenishing and returning to balance after a handful of treatments and Reiki Training Level 1. Our mission is to grow our school globally and set international standards in Reiki in each country.


Any Reiki Teacher who has been trained authentically will have a high spectrum of energy running through their bodies to attune a student competently and activate the Kundalini energy of the student.  Reiki Master-Teachers trained in the ShivEnergetics Reiki Academy will be channeling 50+ Guides/Frequency of Light from their Higher Self. Reiki Practitioners will be channeling between 15-30+ Guides (depending on their hands-on experience and self-development). You can psychically see the competency of the Teacher/Therapist by their active kundalini and spectrum of energy connecting and transferring through them, the expansion of their chakras and aura.


We currently have two school locations for Reiki training workshops. Our main school is based in Shanghai, China. Sera Shivnan, the founder of ShivEnergetic™ splits her time teaching between Shanghai (China) and Granada (Spain). She has trained 80+ Reiki Practitioners that are now spread across the globe. The majority of her Reiki Practitioners are based in Shanghai and various cities in Europe practicing and treating clients professionally.

Reiki Academy


Today in Complementary and Alternative therapy there is an increasing need for international standards of quality control and procedures. ShivEnergetics Reiki Academy is a Training School for Energy Medicine and is trademarked to show dedication to the authentic Usui Shiki Ryoho Method and to establish an international benchmark for Reiki training. The outcome has proven quality, competency of its Reiki practitioners and skills with the Energy Transfer Therapy.


We do not ignore those who have previously trained elsewhere; however, in order to maintain the quality and consistency of Reiki therapists, a Reiki assessment procedure will be required. Today, there are many modalities being used around the world termed “Reiki” but are not a practical transfer of source energy. These “branches” of Reiki often involve religious belief systems, meditation techniques, sound healing, plant medicines, breathing exercises and chanting etc to activate the energy or they are a “watered” down version of Reiki only offering one attunement per level with the teachers’ often channeling only a handful of Guides if any.


One attunement per level is not sufficient enough to activate a person’s kundalini energy, to expand their chakras and make a Higher Self connection to Source energy to enable the energy transfer. In these cases, many of the modalities teaching this way are often channeling their own energy and not source energy and the Reiki training is more of a placebo effect. Furthermore, the therapist and client can become sick from channeling their own energy to clients in treatments. It is vital for both the therapist and client, that the therapist has been trained to a high standard with vast experience and competency for performing a treatment safely.

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