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Reiki has helped me understand and put into perspective past experiences, embrace the uncertainty of life and future experiences, and achieve a level of peace and calmness I have never experienced before. Professionally, I benefit from the peace in my personally life. I also use the tools Sera taught me to stay balanced and reduce stress in a demanding and intense profession.


Holly Blackwell



Working with Sera has helped across many areas of my life - both personally and professionally. As a result of working with Sera I experienced a big improvement in my ability to manage my work life balance and the stress that came from a high pressure job. Sera helped me to better understand myself, think clearer and also read others around me. I also noticed that I now make better judgments, manage my team better and am less reactive to challenges around me.

Sarah Williams

Marketing & Business Development


I work in the advertising industry and am constantly racing against time to stay on top of everything while still trying to accomplish what I want to do day in day out and also trying to have a semblance of a personal life...Reiki with Sera as well as Meditation has been my go to solutions to bring everything down a notch in my life and in my mind. It helps me focus and be more efficient but just requires taking the couple of hours here or there to do something different and focus on myself.


Laura Geagea

Producer in Advertising Industry


When I met Sera back in 2014, I was at some kind of very low point in my life. I was living in some kind of mild yet persistent depressive state. I heard about Sera through a friend and at first I started meeting her as a therapist. I was quite struck by the quality of her insight which allowed me to rapidly come to grip with some deep issues. Each time I went to see her I felt lighter and more energetic, so there was no question from that point; I started weekly sessions to keep gaining clarity.


Michael Gutman



Sera is an exceptional person, a great healer, a very skilled practitioner and a talented certified Reiki teacher. She is also a very “human” person who really cares about others without ego, with honesty and integrity. Sera always takes the time to listen, understand and find the appropriate words to help you become yourself and find yourself and secondly Sera genuinely cares about ‘you’ and really knows where & what your congestions/issues are and she guides you on how to work on yourself.


Thibault Pointe

Vice President


I've done Reiki and Meditation trainings with Sera. The environment she creates is open, warm, and non-judgemental (and at times quite humorous). Her guidance and supervision are filled with intuition as well as compassion and she seems to know when a student - whether giving or receiving a treatment - needs her extra presence. Additionally, she knows the right questions to ask to aid healing and always respects the dignity of those she is healing or teaching. A safe place to learn and share.


Tracey Walker

Reiki Practitioner & University Educator

On a spiritual level, Reiki really showed the pure way to peace for me. Especially now that I could provide the “help” to people I really care very much (friends, especially family) that I am always away from, it transformed my spiritual development completely as doing good to my loved ones brought goodness to me. Exactly one year after completing the DPA Meditation course, I was feeling great about my physical body and I could embrace the weaknesses, also nourish myself with what my body needs.


Melda Senturk


The Energetic Map Shifting Courses have been the most impactful on a personal level and infinitely useful on a professional level. It is clear that once you step on this path as a Reiki healer, many subtle and compelling shifts are to be expected. I have the utmost respect for Sera as a teacher. She is sincere, warm and compassionate as well as deeply centered, with great integrity. Knowing Sera and studying with her is a gift that I truly cherish, as I know how precious a teacher like her is and how rare it is to encounter such a soul.


Laura Shirreff

Artist, Designer and Reiki Practitioner


Sera is an amazing inspiration and truly embodies what it means to be an authentic teacher. I am forever grateful for all the shifts and for having the opportunity to call her my teacher and to learn from her. There are no words to describe the transformations that have occurred - in my own personal life, in practice and in the quality of healing and teaching I offer - after having attended courses with Sera... It is always an expanding experience and I constantly continue to look forward to the next courses and sessions with her to further develop on this path. 

Amanda Homstrom

Reiki Practitioner and Yoga Teacher


Sera continues to develop programs for professional Reiki Masters and having a circle of mentorship and support with her at the helm is really helpful, and is a very unique offering among Reiki teachers. Things are not always smooth on the path to dismantling old patterns and shifting to new consciousness, neither it is clean-cut and know-it-all when we practice Reiki professionally – but with her academy and the circle of highly sensitive Reiki masters I feel even more confident in my abilities and grateful we get to support each other and share experiences.

Valeria Boyko

Holistic Therapist


The amount of care and love that Sera puts into explaining and guiding her students into discovering their own Reiki paths is unparalleled to others.  She does not do this for fame or fortune, but rather with pure intention and healthy guidance. With Sera you will find a pure and honest teacher who will work with you in establishing a healthy Reiki progression as you begin to discover all the universe has in store for you. 


Melissa Arnesen-Trunzo

Reiki Practitioner



I had the incredible opportunity to have Sera Shivnan as my Reiki teacher. During all the Reiki training sessions and workshops with her, she made me feel very comfortable and gave me continued support to grow as a Reiki Master. I'm forever grateful for the impact she and Reiki had on my life.

Jolene Van Wyk

Reiki Practitioner



When I was going through a challenging moment of my life, the universe magically connected me through Sera and I experienced the life changing magic of Reiki. Thanks to this experience, I felt inspired to give back to my community what Reiki provided me and I took Reiki training with Sera. I do love working with her, her warm presence and pure heart makes me feel safe, worthy, understood and loved. She is such a gift to our community.

Henar Cado

Reiki Practitioner and Life Coach


Facing the unknown is not easy. When you meet Sera and Reiki, the unknown is there…but she makes you feel warm and very comfortable. Sera is the most amazing welcoming teacher and practitioner that you can find. She has only one thing in mind, which is to help people, and to spread the lovely white light. Helping others is easier said than done, but Sera goes the extra mile to make sure that everybody gets the light. She will help you discover yourself and align your soul like no other. She cares. She is second to none, period

Bruno Butragueño

Reiki Practitioner and Wine Professional


From time to time, we are drawn towards something without ever really knowing why, and that was the case for me and Reiki. Luckily, I was living in Shanghai during this time and found Sera. From my first Reiki session and Reiki 1 training, I knew I couldn’t turn back on the path I had started without Sera as a teacher. She also keeps her groups small so she can listen to what you have to say. Spiritual growth and emotional healing is not easy and fortunately, Sera is here to help guide you through it every step of the way like she did (and continues to do!) with me.

Nastaskia van Dam

Reiki Practitioner and Counselor


Sera is a very tactful, sensitive and powerful teacher. She always makes sure that the person is connected to Source through the attunement and that every student is getting their needed experiences to get to the next level. The group is always small, which makes your education very individualized and that makes it all even more valuable. I’m very grateful to you, Sera, for all your love and devotion to what you do.

Serafima Shatnaya

Reiki Practitioner, Musician and Performer


Going into this with little or no expectations in 2013 I started seeing Sera for treatments and by 2015 had completed all my Reiki Trainings. Reiki has enabled me to pinpoint certain areas of congestion in my life, making me more aware of the links between past events that currently have an effect on my present life, emotionally, mentally and physically. Sera is an exceptional teacher with sensitivity, wisdom, patience and a big heart. Her hands on approach with her students means she goes above and beyond for those willing to make a true commitment towards healing themselves and others.

Gar Cheung

Reiki Practitioner

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