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Welcome to ShivEnergetics, a training center and platform for Energy Medicine and Alternative Therapies. Today in Complementary and Alternative therapy there is an increasing need for international standards of quality control and procedures. ShivEnergetics™ has been trademarked to show dedication to the authentic Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Method and to establish an international benchmark for Reiki training. The outcome has proven quality, competency of its Reiki practitioners and skills with the energy transfer therapy.


We also offer a wide range of additional Reiki training skills to assist the Reiki Practitioner’s further development with the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies for themselves and when working hands-on with clients. ShivEnergetics™ offers training courses from Reiki 1 to Reiki 3 Master-Practitioner and Master-Teacher levels 4-9, The Energetic Map Shifting Modality (created by Sera Shivnan) as well as additional Reiki training skills like the DPA meditation courses, Pendulum, Crystals, Psychometry and Meditation classes for Teenagers and Pre-Teens.


The majority of the trainings can be done online so that students spread across the globe can still continue or begin their training. Reiki levels 1,2,3 and 4 must be done face to face for attunement purposes; (these cannot be done online). ShivEnergetics offers Reiki Retreat programmes for various levels so that’s students can enjoy learning in the nature of rural Andalusia away from their busy city lives.


Founder of ShivEnergetics™, Sera Shivnan is a Reiki Master Teacher who has a global training platform of over 300+ students, 100+ Reiki Master Practitioners and 5 Reiki Master Teachers to date (2024). Her mission is to provide a standard and benchmark in Reiki. She is already training and working with many western medical professionals and integrating with other holistic therapies. Our school’s mission is to grow globally and set international standards in Reiki in each country and make Reiki accessible for anyone who wishes to learn or find competent practitioners for healing sessions. Sera Shivnan is based in Granada, Spain. 




Sera Shivnan

Granada, Spain

WhastApp: +34 722 594672

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